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Answers to Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What volume does one kilo of flock have?

10 kg of flock is a bag which height is approximately 95 cm and diameter is 45 cm.

2. What is the minimal purchase lot of flock and adhesive?

From 1 kg.

3. Is it possible to deliver raw materials in regions?

Flock and equipment can be sent by post or delivered by transport companies such as «Gruzovozoff» or «Autotrading». You can search the following sites for the cities which these companies work with: http: // www.gruzovozoff.ru/, http://www.autotrading.ru
The shipping from Lipetsk is on Wednesday and Friday
The polyurethane adhesives are delivered by the express service «CPCR-EXPRESS». The cities which the express service works with you can find on its site: www.cpcr.ru

4. How much flock is put in the bunker?

The bunker is usually filled up to 2/3 — ¾ of its volume. It is approximately 120 g (bunker dimensions see in the description FP-01. Section «Equipment»)

5. Price Formation

As a rule, the price for flocking services is determined by the manufacturer on the basis of regional market characteristics.

6. What area (in square meters) can be covered by 1 kg of flock?

Approximately 5-6 m2 (for application rates see the description of technology)

7. How is flock stored and transported?

Keep away from direct sunlight. Store in the hermetic container. For example: the fastened polyethylene package placed in a cardboard box. Flooding, freezing (temperature drop below 0°С), strong heating cause flock damage.

8. What is the usual way of cooperation?

The usual way of cooperation is the following:

  • Apprentices in flocking technology find the theoretical information by studying our site and corresponding with us.
  • As soon as a person receives full understanding about organization of the process, we invite to buy the equipment and complete the training.

It is very important: to arrange a date of visit in advance.

9. Training

Training takes place in our company within one day. It is free if you buy our equipment.

10. Accompanying Documents

The complete set of the accompanying documents to FP-01 and expendables contains:

1. Flock Certificate
2. Manual Flocker FP-01 Certificate
3. Manufacturer’s Certificate of FP-01
4. General Recommendations
5. Description of Certain Products’ Flocking Technology
6. Adhesive Application Guide
7. Colour Break-Up

11. Raw Material and Equipment Packing

Flock is packed in polyethylene bags
Adhesive is put in plastic containers
FP-01 is wrapped in cardboard boxes (of size: 170 mm х 190 mm х 280 mm)

12. Flocking of what materials is in great demand today?

The flocked products’ market has not developed in Russia yet.
Besides, the demand strongly depends on regional market characteristics.
In our opinion the most popular flocking types are:
1. Finishing work of car interiors
2. Flocking of bottles
3. Funeral bands
4. Flowerpots, coat racks, plaster coin boxes
5. Building decoration: wall panels, floor mouldings, doors
6. Letterings on textile, car mats
7. Flocking of plastic shaped location plates
8. Iron doors, safe-deposit boxes, computer cases

13. Are there any special requirements to a working-site?

1. Temperature 18-25 С 
2. Humidity — 60-70%
3. Industrial ground network

14. How to make a work table by own means?

It is possible to take a usual table made of wood and to cover its top with zinc-coated sheets.
Put metal walls on three sides. Make a bar on its face side.

15. How to draw up an order?

1. Clearing the application
2. Payment
For legal entities and private businessmen.
For issuing an invoice it is necessary to send us the requisites of your company by fax or e-mail:

  • The legal form and the name of the enterprise
  • The legal address
  • The Tax Payer Identification Number
  • The Industrial Enterprise Classification Code

For private citizens

Cash payment can be made by means of bank transfer.
Please send your receipt by fax +7 (4742) 40-18-12
(Requisites are given by inquiry)
3. Shipment

Contur Flock LTD
398024 Russia c. Lipetsk, str. Dovatora 14
+7(4742) 40-18-12, 28-37-75

Production: manual flocker FP-01, high-voltage power supply VIP-04, electrostatic charging device UEZ-70, Flocking services, sale of adhesives in cooperation with German, Swiss, French and Chinese manufacturers

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